Saturday, April 7, 2012

20 Months

This month, it has really been noticeable how many words Michael can say. I have stopped counting, but I would guess he is up to 100 or so. He tries to repeat everything we say. Sometimes he is spot on, other times he gives it a good try, but you can't understand what he is saying. He has been putting two words together, but not consistently. He did say his first three word sentence today! He said, "daddy go work"

He didn't grow any taller this month, but he is up to 28.5 lbs!

We have spent lots of time outside playing in his new sand box, or at the park this month. He loves being outside.

He is doing really well with his colors. He knows blue, red, yellow, brown and pink. He has a hard time with orange, green and purple still.
He wanted to see how tall Daddy was too. 
He loves his ABC book that I made for him. He can point to A, B, and C and can also tell you what they are when you point to them.
This is how most picture turn out these days.
He's too busy to sit still for a picture! 
His current obsession is tractors. He will watch daddy cut the grass the entire time Andrew is on his tractor. He also has a tractor that he got for Christmas from his aunt Amy that he carries around the house. All day long he will ask where the tractor is, referring to the lawn mower, and then answers himself and says "away".
Trying out Daddy's Tractor

He is still sleeping anywhere from 14-15 hours a night. He goes to bed around 7:30 and wakes up between 9-10. He takes a two hour nap each day also. Some days it is only 1.5 hours, and other days he sleeps for three hours. He is a great sleeper, and we are so thankful!
Swinging like a big boy at the park.
Meals are hit or miss. It really just depends on his mood, I guess. He does ask for a few things everyday, like cheese, "bread" with "butter" (peanut butter) and o's (Cheerios). He is still drinking three cups of milk a day, so I know he is getting plenty or nutrients.
His first Popsicle. He loved it!
He got his first haircut this month, and it has really filled out. It won't be long till its time for another haircut.
He's getting brave at the park!
Michael is such a sweetheart, and loves to give and get hugs and kisses. Everyday, I feel more and more blessed that God has allowed Michael to be my son!

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