Monday, February 18, 2013


Today we had to put down our Toby. He was diagnosed with lymphoma about a month ago. The vet suggested we try prednisone for a month and see how it helps. It would not cure him, it would only help with his symptoms. Well, the prednisone helped for about a week and a half, and then his lumps started coming back. Then last week, we noticed that he had new, bigger lumps. Then, the past few days he has stopped eating and started coughing.

We new it was time.

Toby was such a sweet dog. He was always so gentle with Michael and loved to follow him around.

This is one of my favorite pictures of the two of them together.

Michael loves Toby and its so sad that they won't have the chance to grow up together.

Toby was only 5 years old.

We love you Toby and will miss you so much.


Jill P. McCormick said...

I am so sorry to hear about Toby. It hurts so bad when you lose a pet, no matter what the reason was or how long you had them. It just hurts your heart and there's such a void, even though you still have Molly. I will be thinking about you and your family this week. -Jill

linda said...

I am so glad that you have happy memories of Toby and lots of pictures of Michael with him. Toby was a sweet dog and he has stolen a piece of your heart forever. Praying for you and Andrew. Love you, Mom