Monday, May 27, 2013

Disney Vacation - Day 2

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Before we left the Gaylord Palms, we wanted to walk around a little and check it out. Like I said, their lobby is massive, so we walked around their for a while and took some pictures.

Then it was time to drive over to Bay Lake Tower, or Disney Resort. We stopped at McDonald’s for breakfast first, and that was such a mistake. It took forever, and was more expensive then we would have liked for a “quick” breakfast. Oh well, live and learn. Then we got to Bay Lake Tower! We were so excited to be staying at this resort. The close proximity to the Magic Kingdom and being right on the monorail, were just two of the things we were excited about. When we pulled up, they greeted us by name, brought us to the desk, and it was such a nice experience. Our room wasn’t ready yet, so we just parked the car, and walked up to the monorail to go over to EPCOT.

Today was the last day of the Flower and Garden Festival at EPCOT, so we wanted to make sure and do that first. Well, it was so HOT!! And we were all kind of miserable walking around. We didn’t stay very long, and as we were leaving, a huge storm came up, so we went into one of the buildings to wait it out. There was a fire truck in the building, and Michael loved looking at it, and climbing on it. We picked a good place to get stuck. It finally stopped raining, and we made our way back to the monorail. As we were leaving, Michael and Andrew stopped to take some pictures and Andrew got some great ones of him.

We went back to our resort, to see if our room was ready, and it was! We were on the ground floor, and in a great location! We loved it! We unpacked the car, and I unpacked, while Andrew and Michael went to walk around the resort. We were right by the boat dock, and Michael loved looking at all of the boats.

Soon it was time for our dinner. We had reservations at Tony’s Town Square at the Magic Kingdom. Being so close to the Magic Kingdom we could walk over, or we could go get on the monorail. We discovered that it was actually faster to walk over. Since the Monorail has to make the whole loop before it gets back to the Magic Kingdom.

Dinner was great! Very good Italian food, and it was a new place for us. After dinner we went on some rides and watched the fireworks. Michael hated the fireworks when we at Disney in December and January, so we were sure how he would react to them. We had planned for the first night to watch fireworks from our resort, since it wouldn’t be loud, and we could get him used to the idea. Well, we were still in the park and it was time for fireworks, so we just hoped and prayed he would be ok. We were right by the carousel when they started, which is right under the fireworks, and he did great! I couldn’t believe it! He loved them! This was such a huge relief, because the fireworks are my favorite thing at Disney, and now we would get to watch them every night!    After the fireworks, we called it a night. We rode the monorail back over to our resort, and went to bed. We had a full day of fun planned for tomorrow. 

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