Friday, May 17, 2013

Road trip with a 2 year old

We set out this afternoon on our road trip to Disney World. Michael and I had to work till 3:30, so that means Michael didn't nap. My plan was to come home, have Michael nap, and I would pack the car. Then at 6:00 when Andrew got home from work, we would leave. Well, I got home from work, and Andrew was already home! So we loaded the car and headed out!

This is what Michael looked like before we even got to the interstate:
Yes, he is asleep behind those sun glasses. 

And a few minutes after that he looked like this:
He only slept for an hour or so, but has been great the whole time. We are now almost to the SC/GA state line and this is what he is doing: 
Playing with his cars and watching The Fox and the Hound (his new favorite movie) 

Not sure how long we will dive tonight, but hopefully Michael will be this great the rest of the ride tonight, and tomorrow. 

He is really to be at Disney World! 

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