Monday, April 21, 2014

Easter Weekend

We had such a fun Easter Weekend. Before hand, I tried to explain what Easter was really about to Michael.  We read his Easter book, and I'm hoping he was able to grasp some of it. We don't do Easter baskets or Easter Bunny at our house, so I know that he won't get too confused about what Easter is really all about.

Friday evening, we went to the Wolff's house, because Aunt Amy was coming into town, and Terry and Diane were also going to be there. We had a great dinner, and I made this cake for dessert. It was YUMMY!!

Saturday, we played around the house all morning, and then dyed Easter Eggs.

Michael had fun seeing what color all of the eggs turned. But was happy with the 5 we did, and didn't seem to care about doing more. Which was fine by me.

Saturday evening, we went back to the Wolff's house for and Easter Egg hunt and dinner for Jim's Birthday.

Then we went to church for the Saturday evening worship service. This was the first time Fellowship Greenville offered a Saturday night service. I really enjoyed it. But Andrew said he had a hard time staying awake.

Since we went to church on Saturday, we were able to sleep in and play around the house on Sunday. It was so nice to not have to hurry to get anywhere.

In the afternoon, we went over to my parents house for Easter Egg hunt and dinner.

With all those kids, it was fun to watch them look for eggs.

Mom and Dad set up a special egg hunt just for Elise and Michael in the front yard, since they are the smallest.

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linda said...

Great summary of the weekend, love reading it and I can't wait to see your Hawaii blogs. I am surprised that you don't have anything written in the last few days about the upcoming trip.