Friday, May 23, 2014

10 Years!!

Happy 10th Anniversary Andrew!

We have gone through a lot in the past ten years; Changing jobs, buying a house, bringing home two dogs, lots of travel for work, lots of travel for fun. We have been on three cruises, to Mexico once, to Hilton Head and Vero Beach, to Disney World more times than I can count and now a wonderful week in Hawaii! We have also had some tough times; years of infertility, loss of a job and the end of a career we were so sure was perfect. But God brought us through and we were able to experience the miracle of adoption and bring home our beautiful son! And God provided a great job after heart break. So thankful that we serve a faithful God and that we serve him together! God continues to bless our marriage and I am so thankful that God chose you for me! I love you and I am so proud to be your wife. Happy Anniversary Babe!


linda said...

I love the video !! wish I would have seen it before tonight but just didn't take the time !!

Katie said...

That's ok mom, thanks for watching it. It turned out pretty good!