Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hawaii vacation day 1 - A long day of travel

Our vacation started on Sunday, May 18th at 4:30 am. We got up, got ready, packed any last minute items in the suitcase, packed the car and headed to the airport.

 6:30 am. Arrive at airport. Check our bags and head to the gate.

7:30 am board airplane and take off! Hawaii here we come!
12:00 pm (10:00 am local time) layover in Salt Lake City

2:00 pm (12:00 pm local time) board our second flight, a six hour flight to Honolulu!!
Michael fell asleep as soon as we boarded our second flight!
Michael did amazing on both flights! I was prepared with backpacks full of snacks, games, stickers, coloring books etc... And didn't even take out half of it. He is a rock star when it comes to traveling! Let's hope he does just as good on the way home. 
Almost there!!

We Made It!!!

8:30 pm (2:30 pm local time) Arrived in Hawaii!!! 

Andrew and Michael go get the rental car while I collect the luggage. While I was waiting for Andrew to come get me, he sends me a text saying that the line is super long and that I should probably just get on a bus and meet him at the rental car place. So I did, and when I got there he was just about finished, so it worked out well. 

And this is what we got to drive around in all week! We had our choice and we picked the bug!! So fun!!

Then it was off to find the resort! A quick 30 minute drive later we were pulling into the Beautiful Aulani Resort!! It is incredible!! We were greeted with leis and  necklaces! And some tropical infused water. Upon check-in, Andrew asked about an upgrade, and the lady told us that we didn't want an upgrade and that our room was great! Well she was right!!!

We booked an "island/garden" view room to save points and be able to add an extra day to our vacation. Instead of getting the ocean view room. Well, we got an ocean view room anyway! It is spectacular!!

After checking out the room, we went down to explore a little and find something to eat.

This is what our Studio Room looked like.
Entrance / kitchenette


Our view looking straight out

We ended up eating at the quick service restaurant by the pool/ocean. It was a lovely view for dinner. 

By this point, Michael is begging to get in the pool, so we go back to our room and get our bathing suits on. Then it's pool time! We swam in the pool a little and then walked down to the beach and played in the ocean a little.

The joy on Michael's face was priceless! Too bad I didn't get a picture of it!

We were all pretty exhausted by this time, so it was time for bed. Michael was in bed and asleep by 7:30 and Andrew and I weren't far behind him. Of course in South Carolina, it was really 1:30 am! 

It was a long day, but so worth it to spend a week in paradise!! 


linda said...

The time difference is so hard, but I think it is harder to adjust when you get home, especially if you go the time of year that we do daylight savings time, Hawaii doesn't do the time change thing.

Katie said...

We still aren't completely back to normal, and it's been a week since we got home!