Thursday, May 29, 2014

Hawaii Vacation Day 2 - Aulani Resort Day

We decided to spend our first full day at the resort, just enjoying the pools and beach.

Our day started early again because we hadn't adjusted to the 6 hour time difference. I was up at 3:30 am, after not sleeping that much through the night. Then Michael was up at 4:30 am. Andrew can sleep all day everyday, so the time change doesn't effect him. So, Michael and I walked all around the resort  while it was still dark out.

By about 5:30, we got Andrew out of bed. He went looking for coffee and I got ready. We had reservations for the character breakfast at 8:15, but called to change them to 7:00. So, 6:45, we are out the door, and headed to breakfast.

Photo taken by Michael

 The breakfast was buffet style and so yummy! They had a ton of options including Asian and American cuisine. Before we got seated, we took our picture with Mickey! 

Michael was really excited to see him. As we were eating, Minnie and Goofy came by to see us.

During breakfast, "Auntie" does a little show and gets the kids involved.

We were so proud of Michael because he actually went with all the kids and participated. But he never smiled! Not once!

 This is a big step for our super shy little boy, so we were just happy he did anything. The last parade they did involved fruit shakers, and Michael actually had fun doing that! 

After breakfast we went to check out "Auntie's Beach House". The kids club at the resort.
On the way to Auntie's, we ran into stitch - twice!!
The first stitch we saw
And then we saw the real one!!

High Five!

I wasn't sure if we are actually going to leave him at Auntie's at all during the week, but we went ahead and signed him up, just in case. He really loved playing on the playground while we were there. 

After that, we were going to go to the grocery store, but Michael was on the verge of a meltdown, yes he has those. So Andrew went to pick up the few items we needed and Michael and I put on our swim suits and headed to the pool. We rode the lazy river and he loved it! Then we went and played on the "Menehune Bridge".

He was not a fan. Too much water spraying his face. So off we went, back to the pool. On the way back to the pool, we passed by Rainbow Reef, the snorkeling tank, and it was feeding time for the fish! There were so many fish right up against the window.

Eventually, Michael was so tired, he asked if he could go take a nap! So back to the room for nap time. Andrew got back from the store just after we got to the room. Andrew was also ready for a nap, so he and Michael stayed in the room and napped, while I went down to the beach!

I ended up falling asleep on the beach, and had the sunburn to show for it! Ouch! The boys woke up and joined me on the beach, but Michael was not interested in getting sandy, so back to the pool. 

We stayed at the pool till around 4, then up to the room to chill until dinner.

For dinner we went to Zippy's, a local diner type restaurant. It was really yummy. I got the teriyaki chicken sandwich and it was so good. Andrew got something that came with a steak, piece of spam, a piece of fish, and something else. It was a pretty big dinner.

After dinner we went back to the resort, so we could go to the "Starlit Hui". Before the actual show started, they had hula lessons, and some little crafts to make. Michael wasn't interested in any of that. At one point he did go up for the hula lessons, and then quickly came back to his seat.
Notice everyone else is doing the motions, Michael just stood there!

The ukulele players 

Up dancing after the show
I didn't take many pictures at the starlit hui, just because they weren't coming out good. The show was really good. Glad we went to it. And so happy that Aulani does this.

After that it was time for bed. We were all past ready.

Up next, Pearl Harbor, Dole Plantation and us trying to find the house from Magnum P.I.


linda said...

Love the aquariums with all the colorful fish !

Katie said...

It was really cool to watch the fish especially during feeding time.