Thursday, August 14, 2008

Bad Dining Experience!

Tuesday night, I went to Spartanburg with my parents and had an interesting experience at a restaurant. We decided to go try out this new Italian Restaurant that my dad heard people talking about on the radio. It is in a strip mall, and from the outside, it looks very casual. But when you go it, all of the waitresses are in white button down shirts with a tie. We get seated and the hostess takes our drink order and tells us that our server will be with us shortly. Well, the hostess returns with our drinks and says she will be right back with some bread, and that our server should come to take our order. Well, 15 minutes later, we have no bread and our server has yet to show up at our table. Finally, she comes over and tries to make a joke about being so busy, and that they don't have enough servers. I don't care! Don't give me excuses as to why you can't do your job. We place our order and wait another 5-10 minutes to get our bread. Then after about 10-15 more minutes we ask about the salad and she had forgotten to put in the order for a salad. Finally the salad makes it to the table and we eat that. Then we wait again. We do finally get our pizza and it was delicious. My dad said it was the closest thing to a New York Style pizza that he has ever had in SC. People give excuses about it being a new restaurant, and they are still figuring things out. That is the worst excuse ever. If I were opening a restaurant, I would want the staff to be at its best at the beginning. How are you supposed to keep customers if you treat them all like this. It's like our waitress has never gone out to dinner before, and she had no idea what she was supposed to be doing. So, that's my vent for the day.


Anonymous said...

you should have gone to chick-fil-a, you would have been very pleased with the service.

mom said...

You were so nice to let people know the name of the restaurant. I guess if the pizza was terrible you could let everyone know. I will probably give them a second chance sometime (when I'm not in a hurry) The bread was very good too, and the salad was huge, The only bad thing was the ditzy waitress! For better service Chick-piz-a would be a good name!!