Wednesday, August 27, 2008

My Cricut has arrived!!

I received my Cricut in the mail yesterday, and was anxious to get it home and play with it. It is very easy to operate, and it can do a lot. I'm still learning what all it can do. I have figured out the basics. Here are some pictures of what I did last night. On the scrapbook page, the Cricut was used to do the letters "Girls Weekend" and the two small pink flowers. On the bottom two pictures, the Cricut was used for the letter "J".


mom said...

So what on these pages did you cricut? I'm confused

Katie said...

The letters and the small pink flowers on the scrapbook page. And the letters in the scallop punch. Does that help?

julie said...

Yeah! I feel priviledged to be on the J page :)