Saturday, February 7, 2009

Girl's Night Out - Stampin' Up! Style

Last night, I went to a Girls Night Out that was hosted by a Stampin' up! consultant, Susan. It was so much fun. They have a Girl's Night Out once a month. You can bring your own craft to do, participate in the project that she has available. I was able to complete my Valentine's cards, and make the two projects that she had for people to do. I will post a picture of my Valentine's cards after I mail them out next week. The two projects that she had for us to do were a Valentine's Card and a 4"x4" mini album. They both turned out great. There was also a door prize for the person who brought the most new people. Since I brought my sister and my mom, I won!! This is what I won. A stamp set and two mini ink pads.
I'm already looking forward to next month's Girl's Night Out!

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mom said...

I had fun Katie, and I will probably go again. I can't put my crafts on my blog because Dad has the camera in California. Thanks for inviting me.