Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Charlie's Party Pictures!

Here are some pictures from Charlie's Birthday Party on Saturday. It was a Cookie Monster Theme, and Kelly did a great job with all the decorations!
Here is Charlie blowing out his candle.
The really cute Cookie Monster Cake that Kelly made!
Mom with Baby Elise
Dad with Leilani
Crystal and her girls, Katie and Sarah.
(Notice the Cookie Monster party hats in the back ground, Kelly made those too!)
Sarah and Zoe
Dad, Becky and Baby Elise.
Leilani and Lindy eating the yummy cake.
Charlie with his other Papa
Thanks for a fun Party Kelly! You did a great job with everything


kellyn2girls1boy said...

thanks for posting the pictures, I am glad that you guys could come.

Papa and Grandma Cox said...

good pictures!

Crystal said...

we had so much fun! thanks for putting a pic of my family on there....you will never know how glad i am to heve you all in my life and my girls life!