Friday, March 19, 2010

Wooden Name Block Tutorial

Here is how I made the Name Blocks for Lydia.
Step 1: Start with a 2x4.

Step 2: Cut the blocks to the size you need. I pre-measured the letters to know what size to cut the blocks. (My dad did the actual cutting. Thanks Dad!)
Step 3: Sand the blocks. Andrew has this power sander, and it got the job done very quickly.
Here are the blocks after I finished sanding them.
Step 4: Paint the blocks. I chose pink and green to match the nursery decor. I used just regular craft paint, nothing fancy. I did have to do 2 coats though.
Step 5: While the paint is drying, cut out scrapbook paper for the front of each block. I cut the paper a little shorter than the actual block. I just thought it looked better that way.
Step 6: Cut out the letters. I used my Cricut to cut them out. I actually did this first, to know what size to cut the blocks.
Step 7: After the paint has dried, glue the paper to the block and then glue the letters to the paper.
Step 8: After the paper has adhered to the block, use Mod Podge to seal the front of the blocks. Allow that to dry, and Ta Da! You are finished!

I am so excited about how these turned out! Someone else needs to have a baby so I can make another set.


kellyn2girls1boy said...

thanks for the tutorial! I agree, the blocks turned out great!

Hawklady said...

wow Katie, that looks amazing!! You can make some for Zoe for her birthday! :)

Crystal said...

WOW- these are so cute!!! I am going to have to give them a try!!!! =)

A Wedding Story said...

THAT is craftiness! Awesome tutorial!

carolinagirl said...

Mike's sister is having a baby in June--this might be something that I could pay you for...