Saturday, December 31, 2011

Our Dream Cruise - Day 3

Day 3 we were supposed to be at Disney's private Island, Castaway Cay. But because of high winds and a strong current, they couldn't dock the boat at the island. (The captain tried for 4 hours to dock) So, it was a day at sea instead.

We started the day with breakfast at the buffet. The buffet on this ship was incredible. It had so many different choices, and everything was delicious.

After breakfast, we wandered around the ship, and saw that we were just in time to have some pictures taken with Mickey and Goofy!

Then we decided to put Michael in the nursery, so Andrew and I could ride the Aquaduck, the ship's water coaster!

Michael did great in the nursery and had a great time. The Aquaduck was so much fun!! There is a section where you go out over the edge of the boat, and all that is under you is ocean!

 After the ride, we went up to the adults sun deck and enjoyed the fact that we were on a cruise ship in the Bahamas! We went and picked up Michael from the nursery and took him back to the room to take a nap. Andrew went up to the buffet to grab us some lunch and brought it back to the room to eat while Michael was asleep.

Later in the afternoon, they had a character "Till we meet again" greeting in the atrium so we decided to go to that one, rather than the one that was later that night. It's a good thing we did, because the lines to meet the characters were really short, and we got around to all of them in 10 minutes! All of the characters come out and sing a song and all the kids get a chance to say goodbye and take one last picture.

Then we got ready and went to dinner. That night was the "dressy" night, so we decided to have some pictures taken by the Christmas tree.

Don't you just love Michael's little outfit?
Then dinner was at Royal Palace. After we ordered our food, Michael made it very clear that he did not want to sit for dinner and was ready to leave. So, I took him back to the nursery, so we could enjoy our dinner. When we picked him up after dinner, they said he fell asleep, and slept for an hour. I guess all the lack of sleep was finally catching up with him. Dinner was wonderful. Andrew ordered 2 appetizers, 2 entrées, and 2 desserts! This was the menu he was most looking forward to. He also ate most of my appetizer and half of my entrée.
That night, we decided to go to the show in the theater. We weren't sure how Michael would do, but he did great. It was mostly music, and that was the part he really liked. During the dialogue, he got antsy, but we were able to wrangle him in until the next song started.
After the show it was time to pack our bags and put them outside our door. I went and purchased our pictures, while Andrew got Michael ready for bed. Then Andrew went and watched a movie and Michael and I went to sleep. We had to be at breakfast the next morning at 6:45, so I wanted to get to bed as early as possible.

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