Sunday, December 11, 2011


I have posted about my love of whoopie pies before, but I'm posting about it again. My mom gave me this cookbook last year for my birthday, and I am just getting around to using it. If you remember, we kinda had a major event happen the week of my birthday last year. You know, becoming parents. Anyway, at the time I looked through it, and then put it on the shelf with all the other cookbooks and stated busy being a mom.

Well, last week one of the blogs I read posted about making whoopie pies. It reminded me about my cookbook and made me really want to bake some. So I got out the book and looked through all of the recipes, and decided I would go with the original whoopie first. I made my list of ingredients I needed to purchase and Saturday afternoon while Michael took a nap (3.5 hours!!) I baked whoopie pies. They turned out so good. I used some cocoa I had in the pantry, but I'm thinking they might have turned out better if I had bought some new/fresh cocoa. Also, the icing had a little too much crisco in it for my taste. Next time I will cut that down and add more if need be. I can't wait to try some of the other favors in the cookbook. Like gingerbread or chocolate chip or jalapeƱo cornbread.

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