Friday, December 9, 2011

Thrift Store Friday

I've not had too much luck lately finding anything for Michael, but I have been able to find a lot of stuff for my nieces and nephew. And all of the clothes I find for my nephew I know will be passed down to Michael in a couple years anyway, so it works out good. There just seems to be a lot more girl clothes than boy clothes. And usually the girl clothes are in way better shape.
So, here is what I found this week:
- Super cute Old Navy Sweater - $1
- Red sparkle long sleeve shirt - $1
- Cute jeans with embroidery - $2
- Brand new Old Navy shirt - $1
- xhilaration jeans - $2
- OCI long sleeve shirt - $2
- Old navy swim trunks (for Michael) - $1

Then, I went to the thrift store again today and hit the mother load! I got a scrap booking storage bag that was completely full of scrapbook paper! You can see in the picture how tall the pile of paper is.
Price: $20!!
What a deal! I'm so excited about this buy. Now I just have to sort through it all to see exactly what the paper looks like.

You can check out the Miracle Hill Thrift Store Facebook page here:

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