Tuesday, August 14, 2012


The invitation I created
This past weekend was Michael's 2nd Birthday party. We had it at home, and everything turned out great.

We had about 28 people - and that was almost all family, except for Jessica's family of 4.

We had a modest of menu of hot dogs, potato salad, pasta salad, chips and fruit salad. For dessert we had cake and ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, mickey mouse cookies, and rice crispy treats. I forgot to take pictures of any of the food, except for the cake.

My mom made it, and it turned out super cute.

For decorations, I had looked into making my own birthday banner like this one. But after finding this one in the store that was cute, and cheaper than I could make it for, I decided to go the store bought route for almost everything.

Dining Room decorations

Balloons on the front porch
There is really no need to spend time making all of these decorations, and wasting precious time, when I can just go to the store and buy everything I needed.

I did, however, make the mickey mouse ears and I love how they turned out.
They were really cheap to make, and really didn't take all that long. I started about 2 months ago, and had them all finished about 2 weeks ago.  I got the instructions here.

When we decided to have Michael's party at our house, we looked into renting a bounce house. After realizing it was going to cost more than we wanted to spend, I looked on Craig's list to see if anyone had one for sale. And I found one for $125! It has been a great source of entertainment over the past few months, and it was wonderful to have on Saturday. All of the kids loved it! And Michael spent most of the party bouncing away in it.

Another thing I forgot to take a picture of was the party favors. I bought these bags and filled them with M&M's, Disney Gummies, and Mickey Mouse Stickers. All of the children also got a pair of Mouse ears, and a Mickey Coloring book.

I'm really happy with how everything went. The weather was perfect. The kids all had a great time. The adults all got to talk with relatively no interruptions. Michael got spoiled rotten by everyone who loves him. It was a good day!

** I ordered his shirt from HERE.**


linda said...

Great Party, Great Blog ! Fantastic Grandson !

starman said...

It was a great party Katie. Everything was wonderful. You did yourself proud by how everything turned out. I'm so proud of you.