Friday, August 31, 2012

Thrift store Finds

It's been a while since my last Thrift Store Friday post. It's not that I haven't bought anything, I just forget to post about my great deals.
So, here's what I got this week:

A pair of rain boots for Michael: $1.00
A pair of (real) Crocs for me: $1.50
A beach chair (not pictured): $5.00
A nerf gun: $.50
20 kids hangers: $2.00 ( I know this is the same price as wal-mart, but I would much rather my $2.00 go to Miracle Hill than WM.)
A short sleeve t-shirt for Michael: $1.00
2 long sleeve Carter's shirts for Michael: $1.00 each
Polo shirt for Andrew: $3.50

Total: $16.50


Susan Sene said...

yay for shopping at Miracle Hill!!! :) (Mark is the manager of several so I've made the switch from Goodwill to Miracle Hill recently)

Katie said...

Since Andrew is the manager in Spartanburg, we go see him about once a week. And I get to shop for great deals.