Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Our Weekend in Charleston

This past weekend, I got to go back to Charleston to visit Jennifer and Julie. Andrew was teaching a class on Saturday, so I decided to go down with him to see my friends.

We had so much fun, and had beautiful weather all weekend. We thought it would be fun to take Michael and Coleman to the beach to let them play in the sand. Well, just because it was 75 degrees in Goose Creek, does not mean its going to be that warm on Isle of Palms. It was freezing! The wind was so cold. We only ended up staying for 30 minutes. But we did stay long enough to take some pictures.

See, don't we look freezing?

(I really wish these pictures weren't so dark)

We decided to go find a playground for the boys to play on. Jennifer has a great one in her neighborhood and the boys loved it.

Then we went back to Jennifer's house and the boys got to play outside some more. Around 5:00 Michael asked if he could go take a nap, he was wore out! So he took a nap, and Jennifer and I got to hang out and talk.

Sunday we went downtown for lunch at a Tai restaurant. It was really yummy. Then walked around for a bit and then it was time to go home.

Weekends always seem to go by so quickly and I wish we had been able to stay longer.

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