Friday, March 29, 2013

Thrift Store Finds

I have been on the look out for size 4 pants for Michael. He has the longest legs, and all of his 3T pants are getting too short. I was able to find 5 pairs of pants today at the thrift store! Now I can retire his 3t pants and not worry that my son looks like he is waiting for a flood.

Here are my great deals for the day:

Timberland corduroy pants - $2.00
2 pairs of OshKosh jeans - $2.00 / each
JK Indigo jeans - $2.00
Levi's jeans - $1.00
American Living plaid button up shirt - $1.00
2 Brand new with tags Wrangler t-shirts - $2.00 / each
OshKosh long sleeve t-shirt - $2.00

Now if only the weather would warm up, I could pull out all of his summer clothes I have waiting. Hopefully soon!

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