Saturday, December 26, 2015

Christmas 2015

Here's a quick recap of Christmas 2015 with a lot of pictures thrown in.

Christmas Eve was spent with the Wolff family. We started the day with brunch at Stax, then headed back to their house for gifts, and to get ready for the big family get together that afternoon.

(Just a side note, Yes, Michael is wearing shorts and a t-shirt because it was so warm on Christmas this year. And as a parent, you have to choose your battles, and what he wears is not one I'm going to fight. He wants to be comfortable, and I don't blame him one bit!)

Santa was at Stax! 

And he gave Michael a teddy bear!

He was done with pictures!

One big family selfie!

We decorated Ginger bread houses!

And then Santa Came!!

Christmas morning started not so early! Michael slept till after 8:30am, which was great for Mom and Dad!

We started the morning with reading the Christmas story, and then moved on to stockings and gifts.

He loved his new race track!

 I got a new frying pan!!

 Michael went shopping at the Santa Shop at school with his own money, and bought this bear for me!

 And bought this snowman pen for Andrew! He is so sweet!

That afternoon, we headed over to Mom and Dad's house for the Cox family celebration!

22 people in one house makes for a pretty chaotic Christmas. But it's always so much fun!

We had a great Christmas! It felt a little different then usual, and I think that's because the weather was so warm. It was in the 70's the whole week! Either way, it was a wonderful celebration!

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