Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving in Hilton Head Day 3, 4 & 5

Friday we did more of the same. Relaxed, swim, ride bikes, enjoy the weather. But we did have some fun at the Shelter Cover Marina Christmas festival.
We rode our bikes over the bridge to the Marina, to see what all they had. They had a bounce house, train rides, and Santa! 

Michael is all ready for the train ride!

Off he goes!

Fun ride!

The line was super long to see Santa, and Michael didn't want to wait, so we left and went to get something to eat. The rest of the day was spent riding bikes and swimming, and some food thrown in. 

Saturday we headed over to the beach to fly our kite. The water was really cold, so there wouldn't be any swimming for us in the ocean. 

Love my boy!

And this boy too!

Flying the kite!

I started writing in the sand, and Michael wanted to, also. 

After the beach, we went back to the nice warm, heated pool and we were the only ones there!

I couldn't believe how empty it was!

We saw a lot of this! Him underwater and just his feet sticking out. 

Sunday morning is was time to head home. We did go spend a little time at the pool again before we had to leave. 

It was a great little vacation! Hilton Head is one of our favorites and hopefully we will be back again for spring break!

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