Wednesday, May 13, 2009

200 Posts!

I can't believe it! It seems just like yesterday I was celebrating my 100th post! Time flies when you're writing a blog... I may have posted this picture before, but I'll re-post it because it's fitting for today.


Hawklady said...


johnduke1979 said...

I like that poster, pic, stamp, whatever it is..Anyway I really like Chic-fil-a too and i'm trying to get a year of free chic-fil-a. And yes I plan on camping out so I can be one of the 1st 100 in the door. But I have one problem....I don't know when the new one in Gaffney opens. Can ya help a brotha out????

carolinagirl said...

Congratulations on 200!!! Looking for many more in the next couple of weeks! Vacation here you come!