Sunday, May 17, 2009

Vacation - Day 2

This morning started with packing our stuff, so we could move to our new room. We had reservations for Brunch at 10:15. It was a buffet, and it was wonderful. Here are just a few pictures of the plates of food that Andrew got.
After brunch, we changed into our swim suites, and headed to the pool. The weather was perfect today. Blue Skies and hardly any clouds. At 2:30 we got a phone call saying that our room was ready, so we packed up our beach bag, and went to check out our new room. This is what we saw as we entered the room.
Yes, That's the ocean right outside our balcony. How cool is that?!?!

This room has two queen beds instead of one bed and a couch.

Here are Andrew and I enjoying our Ocean View!

After checking out the room, I headed back to the pool, and Andrew unloaded some stuff from the car, and took a little nap. I ended up staying out in the sun a little too long, and got a little red. We had to make a run to CVS to pick up some Aloe for my sunburn. For dinner, we went to the other restaurant here on the property. It's called Sonya's and it is the nicer restaurant here. I got the tenderloin fillet and Andrew got the Cowboy Rib eye steak. We shared a tomato and mozzarella salad as an appetizer and then shared a creme brulee for dessert. Everything was delicious! Sorry, no pictures from dinner. Now we are in our room, watching the finale of Desperate housewives and about to go to bed. The weather forecast says rain tomorrow, but I hope we get a few hours of sunshine.

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Hawklady said...

Lovely view! Hope you had a little sun today. Make sure you put on sunscreen young lady!! Sam has all kinds of wonderful things planned for us when you get back!!