Thursday, May 21, 2009

Vacation - Day 6

Today started out just like the past few days, with me running to the balcony to see if the sun is out, or if it is raining. And just like the past few days, it was raining. But, I wasn't going to let the rain get me down today. I went out to the balcony with my Easter Bible study. By the time I was done with that, it wasn't raining, just very overcast. So, Andrew and I headed down to the Mini Golf course here at the resort. They were letting people play for free, because of the weather. There were a few holes where we had to hit the ball through some water. Most golf courses have sand traps, well this one had water traps. After playing two rounds of golf, we were both pretty warm, and decided that even if it was overcast, we were going to go lay by the pool. It was actually nice laying by the pool when the sun isn't scorching you. At one point, Andrew left to heat up some leftovers for lunch. I was taking full advantage of no rain, and wasn't leaving my lounger. He was sweet and brought some lunch to me at the pool. As soon as he got back from eating, they were having a waterslide race. He decided to join in the competition. He made it down the slide in 9.34 seconds, which was good enough for 3rd place. He even got a certificate and ribbon.
Our dinner reservations weren't until 7:30, so I knew I could stay at the pool until 6:30. I ended up going back to the room around 6:00, so I would have enough time to shower and get ready. Here we are right before dinner. It was super windy.
Dinner was once again, wonderful. Andrew got the Tenderloin fillet this time, and I got the chicken breast. I know chicken sounds pretty boring, but it was really good.
After dinner, we got our swim suites back on and headed down to the hot tub. On our way to the hot tub, there were some people standing around looking at the ground. As we walked up, they pointed out a snake, and said there was another one by the pool. I wish I had had my camera. They were harmless snakes, but still exciting to see.
Tomorrow is our last full day here at the beach. I am hoping for no rain. That's all I'm asking for, is no rain.

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kellyn2girls1boy said...

go Andrew, 3rd place! Looks like you had a good day and had a lot of no rain. Hopefully you can go to the beach today.