Monday, September 20, 2010

Baby Shower Recap

Here are some pictures from the baby shower last weekend. I had brought my camera, but again, forgot to take any pictures. I'm so glad someone was there taking pictures. The shower was wonderful, and again, we were so blessed. Thank you to everyone who helped to host the shower, and everyone who came. I know Michael is so loved!
Me and Mom enjoying the wonderful food

The guest of honor - he slept during the entire shower.

Some of the gifts

The decorations - They had his announcement framed in several places

The food - Everything was so good!

Two of the wonderful hostesses: Minda Shelton and Barb Lehman
Frankie Powell and Irene Carver
The little ladies
Ashely with Michael - She is one of the people who were so helpful during the entire adoption process.
Barb with Michael
Granny and Abigail enjoying the food.
Cathy (MIL), Mary Beth Williams and Gloria Compton
We received some wonderful gifts, including a gift card to Pottery Barn, for his bedding. I came home from the shower and ordered the bedding that day. We got it last Thursday and I have it all set up and it is perfect. Once the rest of the nursery is put together, I will be posting pictures of the finished nursery. I love how it is turning out, and so excited to see it completed.

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