Thursday, September 23, 2010

Growing Boy

I received this "Watch Me Grow" blanket at my shower a couple of weeks ago, and I am so excited to document just how big Michael gets over the next few months.

Just to give you an idea about how fast he is growing; he was 19.5 inches when he was born, 20.5 inches as his two week check up, and last week when I took these pictures, he was 22 inches according to the blanket! I have a feeling he is going to be a really tall boy!

Toby wanted to see what we were doing.

Do you know how hard it is to get a baby to straighten their leg, while you are trying to take a picture.

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Alaythea said...

What a cute idea! My daughter was 19 in. at birth and I thought she was going to be tall like her 6'4 daddy but instead she's looking like she's going to be petite like her 5' mommy! My husband was 23 in. at birth!!! Can you imagine?!!! My cousin was just born at 22 inches I think, his dad is 6'5!!! Michael is just adorable and I've loved "walking" this journey with you!!! The pictures make my day!