Thursday, October 28, 2010

Edisto Beach Trip Report

So, we left the house around 1:30 pm, stopped for gas before we hit the road, and then we were on our way. The GPS said it would take 4.5 hours to get there. Well, I pulled in to town at 5:30! And the best part of the drive down? Michael slept the entire time. He is such a good sleeper, and good traveler, and that combination makes for one happy Momma!
Michael was happy to see Grandma, and Grandma was happy to see Michael!

What a cutie!
Thursday night, we just rode around the island a little bit and went to the "Pig" to get some formula. (The pig is the Piggly Wiggly. It is the only grocery store on the island, and is the highest grossing Piggly Wiggly in the US!)
Friday we got up and made our way to the beach. The weather was beautiful, but not swimming in the ocean weather. Mom, Michael and I sat and looked for shells and watched dad fish.

He goes way out there to cast his line
The beach was super windy, and Michael was not happy about it, so Mom and I left and did some shopping. There are only a handful of shops there, but I did get a Christmas ornament that says Edisto Beach 2010, to remember Michael's first trip to the beach. After shopping, we went back to the room and ate lunch. Dad was sill fishing, but he needed more bait, so I brought him some bait and lunch. He was so excited about the fish he caught!
Enjoying the screened in porch

All smiles before dinner
For dinner on Friday night, we drove over to Hollywood to a restaurant called the Old Firehouse. The sky was really pretty as we were driving over, so we stopped to take some pictures
The moon coming up

The sun going down

Dinner was excellent! As my appetizer, I got the fried green tomatoes served over grits. They were so good, and the grits were awesome!

For dinner, I got a pizza. It was a 4 cheese pizza, and really tasty. Dad also got a pizza and he said that his was really good. Mom got the scallops with grits and she and dad both said that it was amazing.
And this is what Michael did during dinner.
On Saturday, we didn't get up till almost 11:00! We ate a late breakfast of pancakes, sausage, bacon and eggs. Then got ready and went for a drive.
This is driving down Steamboat Landing. Such a pretty drive with the Live Oaks and the Spanish moss making a canopy over the road.
Here is what was at the end of the road. There were people fishing and crabbing off the pier and small boats going in and out.
Then we went to look for dolphins at the bay. We saw a few, but I wasn't able to take any pictures.
Again, you can see that Michael is sleeping his way through this entire vacation!
Mom and Dad with Michael. Too bad he is in the shadow!
Saturday night, we went back to the bay to watch the sunset. It was such a beautiful sunset!

So peacful

One happy Momma

Andrew asked me what my favorite thing about the weekend was, and I would have to say standing on the beach, holding my son in my arms, watching the sunset! That is a moment I will never forget.

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Anonymous said...

Michael sounds like a perfect baby! He needs to come give Nathan some lessons on how to sleep on vacations. Nathan never sleeps well away from his own bed. Michael is SO cute and cuddly looking!