Sunday, October 24, 2010

Growing boy!

Michael had his two month check up last week, here are his stats:

Weight: 12.56 lbs - 57th percentile
Height: 23.75 in. - 67th percentile
Head circumference: 15.51 in. - 25th percentile

The doctor said he was doing wonderful, and is just perfect. A Mama can never hear that enough!
He also got one shot. He did really well and only cried for a few seconds. I cried more than he did! I can't imagine him getting multiple shots at one time. Not sure I would have survived. He didn't really have any side affects from the shots, Thank God! He did sleep all day, and then had a low grade fever at night. So overall, he handled the shot very well.  We go back in a month for his next shot, and then will go back every month until he has had them all.

And just cause I think he is so cute, here are some pictures of him hanging out with me at work last week.

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