Monday, May 16, 2011



For the past two weeks, I have been using e-mealz, and I am so happy with it.

Everyday I would ask myself what I was making for dinner, and it seemed like we were having the same thing every single week. So, Andrew has heard about this website, and told me to check it out. I did, and decided it couldn't hurt to sign up for it and just try it for a couple of weeks.

You can sign up by family size and grocery store. I signed up for the Publix family of 2 menu. It gives you 5 meals, with a complete shopping list. The menu uses items that are on sale at Publix that week, and they also give you links to coupons that you can print off line, if there are any available. The weekly menu ranges from $35-$45 for all 5 meals. So far, we have really enjoyed all of the meals. A few of them, we tweaked a little, but for the most part, we have followed the recipe. They also don't repeat the same recipes over and over. There are several months between repeats, which is nice.

It is so nice to walk into the grocery store with a detailed shopping list and I know exactly what we will be eating that week. There is no thinking required, no meal planning on my part, and it just makes my life a little easier.

A lot of people use this to save money. Yes, that is nice, but I am doing it simply to get out of the cooking rut I'm in. We are eating meals that we have never had, and experiencing lots of great new recipes.

Go check it out. They have sample menus to look at, and you can decide if this is something that might actually help your family.

I was just so happy with it, I wanted to share.

I <3 Emealz


Gina said...

Thank you SOOOO much for this link! I have been in this same rut for months and poor Jay is tired of the same thing (when I even get around to cooking, lol). This website is awesome!

carolinagirl said...

What a great website! I will check it out some more. Thanks for sharing!!

kellyn2girls1boy said...

I'm glad you like it. Thanks for sharing.