Wednesday, May 4, 2011

On The Move

This weekend, Michael finally figured out how to crawl! He started with just a few "steps" at a time, but Monday, he was really moving.
Here is a little video of of him crawling across the living room floor. You can also see at the end of this video him pulling up. I think that was his motivation to start crawling. He would get himself over to the couch or coffee table, just to be able to pull himself up.

Our life with a stationary baby is now officially over, and we are on constant watch. No more leaving him in the living room playing, and expecting him to be where we left him. I had to breakout the baby gate this morning just to keep him contained while I was in the shower.

Let the adventure begin!

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kellyn2girls1boy said...

Yeah, Go Michael! We are so proud of you!