Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Michael's 9 Month Check-Up

Michael had his 9 month check up today.
Here are his latest stats:
Height: 29 inches 75th percentile
Weight: 22 pounds 75th percentile
Head circumstance: 17.5 inches 26th percentile.

He is right on track developmentally and doing great. I asked how to go about getting him ready for milk when he turns a year, since he is on soy formula right now. She said that we could start transitioning him over to milk based formula, and then start adding whole milk to his diet as long as he does good with the formula. So I will gradually start incorporating milk based formula with his soy and see how that goes. Hopefully he won't have any issues, and we will be able to go straight to whole milk at a year. If anyone has any Experience with this, please let me know how you did this and how it worked for you.

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