Saturday, May 7, 2011

Michael is 9 Months Old!

Taking pictures of a very active 9 month old, in his typical poses, was next to impossible. I know it is only going to get harder from here on out. So, you will see a few of those pictures mixed in.

Here is what Michael is up to at nine months old:

- This has been a big month for Michael, with a lot of firsts!

- He has started talking! Mostly just "Da-Da" but we are working to get him to say "Ma-Ma." It also sounds like he says "hey" but that could just be a coincidence.

- He has started crawling! It started on Friday, April 29th with just a few "steps", but by Monday, he was cruising along.

- He has also mastered pulling himself up. I think that was his main motivation to start crawling. He will crawl over to something, just so he can stand up. I think he will be walking in no time.

- We had to lower his mattress this month. He thinks it is great that he can stand up in his crib now. Every morning when we go in to get him, he is standing up and you can tell he is so proud of himself.

- He has learned how to hold his bottle. It just happened one morning while Andrew was feeding him, and ever since, I just give him the bottle, and he feeds himself. He only gets his formula in a bottle in the morning and at night, every other time, he drinks it from a sippy cup.

- He got his fourth tooth! Hopefully that will be it for a while, and we can all get a break from teething.

- He is still in size 9-12 moths clothes, and in size 3 diapers.

- He hasn't grown much this month, and he is still about 21 pounds and 29.5 inches tall.

- We went on a little vacation to Charleston, SC to see "Auntie" Fer and "Uncle" Doug. It is in Charleston where Michael first crawled. While we were there, we went to the beach one afternoon, and put Michael's toes in the ocean and he seemed to really like it. We also went to an Air Show in Beaufort, SC to see the Blue Angels. Michael loved the airplanes, and couldn't take his eyes off of them.

- His appetite has grown a little bit, and we have increased the amount of solids he eats. One jar just doesn't seem to be enough at meal time. Katie has been making all of this baby food, so we know what he is eating is healthy and not processed.

- He gets more and more fun all the time, and we just love his little personality.

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kellyn2girls1boy said...

What a sweet baby! I love him!