Thursday, August 8, 2013

A day of Celebration

Here is how Michael celebrated turning three: 

When he woke up, he got to snuggle in bed with Mommy, while we sang Happy Birthday to him, before Daddy had to go to work. Then he watched a movie in our bed, and got to drink chocolate Milk! After his movie, we got ready and went to go get donuts! 

He chose the bag of donut holes. I'm sure he has figured out he gets a lot more donuts that way ;) 

Then we went to see Grandma and Papa at work. 
Then home to nap. 

After nap time I kept asking him what he wanted to do, or where he wanted to go, and he just wanted to stay home and play. 

Daddy came home from work early and Michael opened his presents! 
- New Monsters Inc shirts & socks
- New pajamas 
- A Bubble gun
- Play dough toys 
- Monsters Inc Gummies & stickers

He was very excited about the bubble gun, so we went straight outside to play with it.  He had a blast! 

Then it was dinner time. Nothing special, just spaghetti. But I did make the sauce from scratch! And it was delicious! 

After dinner, we took Michael out for ice cream. This is something we started last year and I want to continue. Since his party isn't on his actual birthday, I want him to have a special treat, but don't really want to make two cakes in one week. So ice cream makes sense. This year we went to Dairy Queen and Michael got the chocolate dipped come! 

As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed it! 

And yes, he ate it all! 

He had a great birthday, and we can't wait to celebrate at his party this weekend! 

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