Monday, August 5, 2013

Life's a Beach!

Last week, Julie and I drove down to spend a few nights with Jennifer for a little Girls trip. Jessica couldn't make it, but we were still trying to get her to go with us up to the last minute.

We left Wednesday night, after Andrew got home from work and arrived at Jennifer's around 9:30. She had some snacks and drinks ready for us and it was such a nice welcome. We talked and laughed, and stayed up way too late. We talked about what we wanted to do while we were there and made plans for the rest of the week. Thursday morning Julie pops her head in my room just after 9:00 am and tells me that she is leaving. Her MIL was watching her kids and she got sick. So Julie had to go pick up the kids and drive them home (a 3 hour drive). Her plan was to drive back to Jennifer's (another 3 hour drive) either that night, or the next morning. Well, by that afternoon, Julie had a fever and was feeling awful. So, she decided not to come back at all. And it's a good thing to, because she ended up having strep throat!

So it was just me and Jennifer. It was 1:30 before we pulled our butts off the couch and decided to head to the beach. 

We stayed till around 6, and it was wonderful! 

Thursday night, we stayed home and snacked and sat around. So relaxing! 

Friday we headed back to the beach. 
To just lay at the beach, read a good book and have great conversation with your best friend, is the best way to spend a day. 
Friday night jennifer and I went out for pizza. Then back to the house to lay around some more. 

Saturday morning we went to the farmer's market in downtown Charleston.  We got a giant fresh lemonade and some kettle corn. Jennifer also picked up some fresh veggies and some fresh ravioli. 
We brought our beach stuff with us, in case we decided to go back to the beach. Well, we did and it was so crowded. But still very relaxing, once we got parked and found a nice spot on the beach. 
We were at the beach for most of the day and decided to leave once a very dark cloud showed up. I guess everyone else decided to leave also, and it took us forever to actually get off the Isle of Palms. But as we were leaving, we saw the most beautiful rainbow. 

You can faintly see a double rainbow. 

I put together two pictures, so you could see the whole thing. It was incredible! 

Saturday night was a lot more laying around. 

Sunday we got up and headed over to the outlets. It was tax free weekend and Jennifer wanted to look for some clothes. After a quick lunch at Panera, it was time to drive to Columbia. Andrew and Michael were meeting us there, since my ride left me stranded. (Just kidding Julie) 

We had a great time, and it was so relaxing. It reminded us a lot of our trip to the Bahamas last year. We really wish Julie could have stayed and that Jessica could have come. We missed those girls so much. Hopefully we will be able to plan another girls trip, and more than just me and Jennifer will be able to be there! 

Thanks for a great trip Jennifer! I had such a fun relaxing time! 

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