Thursday, August 22, 2013

Slimy Worms

If you know anything about Michael, you know that he does not like to touch slimy things. Like worms or lizards or snakes. When we were at Disney in January, he had the chance to be the first one to touch a skink, and he refused. He only wanted to look at it. He will look at them all day long, but do not try to get him touch them. 

Well, slowly, he has taken an interest in actually touching/holding worms. 

It started with just touching them. Then it went to him actually picking up a dead worm off the driveway. 

Well last week, he picked up a live, wiggling, squirming, slimy worm! An was so proud of himself! 
Maybe next time he has the opportunity to pet a skink, he will! 

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linda said...

He is getting braver