Saturday, August 17, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Today was the day. We moved Michael into a big boy bed! I know most kids are moved out of their crib before their third birthday, but for Michael, he just loved his crib. It was a his space, that he was comfortable in. And he was in no hurry to move out. We had started talking about a new bed months ago, but his response was always the same, "I have a bed!" Well, one day I showed him the twin bed that we had for him, and that was all it took. He talked all the time about moving to a big boy bed. So, for his birthday, Andrew's  parents got him a mattress and some buzz and woody sheets. The mattress was delivered on Friday and I asked Michael if he wanted to sleep in his new bed, or in his crib one more time. He said he wanted to sleep in his crib, and I was thankful. You never know when something will be the last time, until it had past, but I knew that Friday night, would be the last night my baby boy would sleep in his crib. Yes, I took pictures.  

Anyway, this morning, we went to Walmart to buy a mattress cover and some extra sheets. When we got home, I set out to transform his room. I took the crib apart, moved furniture, put the twin bed together and set it all up. 
And yes, I did it all myself. Michael was there to help too ;) 

He was so excited! 

From the time I started setting it up, he asked constantly if it was nap time yet. He was so excited to take a nap in his new bed.  

At last it was time to take a nap, and he climbed right in, pulled up the covers and laid down. Of course he did talk to himself for 30 minutes all about his new bed and sheets. And when he woke up, he stood at the top of the stairs and yelled down, "Momma, I'm awake!" 

He was just as excited to go to bed tonight. 
Hopefully we won't have any visitors in our bed tonight. 

We still have to get some blankets for his bed, but for now, we are using an extra one we had in the closet. 

I can't believe he is old enough to be in a big bed. 

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