Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Three year check-up

Michael had his three year check up today. He did great! Even when he had to get his finger pricked. 

He is now 39 1/4 inches tall and weighs 33 lbs.  
He is a tall and skinny! The doctor wasn't too concerned with his weight. She said to try to get him to eat as much protein as I can. 
She was impressed with how much he knows, and said to keep working with him, because he will learn so much so easily. 

We are going to start doing a new letter every week. And hopefully he will learn them all really good. He knows a lot of letters, but it's something I want to be intentional about. 

Anyway, he did great as the doctor, and hopefully we won't need to go back again until next August. So far, he has only been to the doctor for his well child check ups. I've got one healthy little boy! 

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linda said...

He is so smart he will learn really well.