Thursday, December 26, 2013

Christmas Eve With the Wolff Family

I'm going to break up my Christmas posts into three different posts:
Christmas Eve
Christmas Morning
Christmas Night

Christmas Eve morning, Michael and I made two pecan pies, and some cookies. 
He is such a good little helper in the kitchen!

 For the afternoon/evening, we were with Andrew's family. Everyone met at the church for the 4:00 Christmas Eve service. We were so excited to see Joe & Alex were there from Florida. We haven't see them in years. Their little boy and Michael are the same age, and now they have a little girl too! Michael and 
Conner had so much fun playing together in the short amount of time they had to play. 
So glad that we were able to get a picture of the two boys. 

After church, we headed over to the Wolff house to start the Christmas Eve festivities! While we were waiting for dinner, the kids got to decorate little ice cream cone Christmas trees.

 For dinner we had a lovely ham dinner with mac n' cheese, sweet potato crunch, pineapple casserole, and broccoli. For dessert was the pecan pies that Michael and I made. Yummy!

After dinner, we took some pictures of the kids in front of the tree.

Then Santa Claus came to see the kids!
 Santa brought Michael a fun Tractor! Michael loved it, and after he opened it, he said, "I only want this one, ok?" I guess he was happy with this, and didn't care about any other presents.

After Santa left, we took a few minutes to say good bye to Granny, Cliff, Vikki, Courtney, and Jourdan. 
This gave Michael time to play with his new toy!

 Then it was time for more presents. 
 A Dump Truck! 

He got a lot of wonderful gifts, but he only cared about his tractor and dump truck! He even left the room most of the time, to go play with his trucks in the kitchen! We would call him in to open another present, he would run in, open the present, and then run back to his trucks! It was so late when we finished, and we had one tired little boy on the way home.
He fell asleep in the car, and stayed asleep once I moved him to his bed. It had been a long, exciting day!
When we got home, I still had to get the breakfast casserole ready and clean up the kitchen. Andrew helped with the dishes while I got everything else ready.

Then it was time to play Santa!

I was so excited for Christmas morning and couldn't wait to see Michael open his presents.

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