Friday, December 20, 2013


Today we went to see Santa!! 

Michael was really excited about seeing him, but was a little confused about what was going to happen.
 You see, Michael really wants a Dusty Bike for Christmas. So he thought after we went and saw Santa, that he would get the bike. He kept asking where he could ride his Dusty Bike when we got home, and if it was warm enough outside to ride it! I had to explain to him that we were only going to tell Santa what you wanted for Christmas, and that he had to wait till Christmas Day to see what Santa brought him. After a little explanation, he seemed to understand a little better.

He went right up to Santa, and sat on his lap. He answered all of Santa's questions, although we couldn't hear him because he talks so quiet, and the sales lady was being really loud! But he was happy to see Santa, and we got a great picture!

 And here he is with Santa every year.
Last year we didn't take him to see Santa. Having the flu the week before Christmas really throws everything off and I kind of dropped the ball. Oh Well, at least he has a picture with Santa! My favorite is his very first Christmas. He was such a sweet little baby, and smiled so big at Santa!

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