Monday, December 16, 2013

Oh Christmas Tree!

The day after Thanksgiving, when Andrew got home from work, we headed to "The Man Store" (Lowe's) To pick out a Christmas Tree.
 Michael was pretty excited about it, but was a little concerned about how big the tree would be. Once we got there, he had zero interest in actually picking out a tree, and was running all over Lowe's!
That is, until I found the little trees! Then he was so excited! We let him pick out his very own little tree. He insisted on carrying it around, and would not let us help him, or put it down!
 He carried it all the way to the car, and when we got to the car and Andrew was tying the big one to the roof, he made sure we knew that his tree could fit inside the van.

When we got home, we put little colored lights on his tree, and now every day, his job is to turn on his tree lights! He is so proud!

Our big tree turned out pretty nice too. Although it is losing needles by the hundreds everyday! I really hope it still has some on it on Christmas morning!

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