Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas Morning At Home

Michael woke up around 8:00 Christmas morning. We were hoping he would sleep a little later, since it was so late getting to bed for all of us. But Michael snuggled in bed with us for a little while, and then we tried to get Andrew's butt out of bed. He would sleep all day, if we let him. I went downstairs and got the video camera ready, and put the casserole in the oven.

Then it was time for Michael to come down stairs!

I was so busy taking a video of him coming down, I completely forgot to take any pictures until after he was half way through opening his gifts.

The first thing he did, was walk over to the big box, and rip into it. We didn't even have a chance to tell him to wait. We had wanted that to be his last present, but he wanted to see what it was! He loves his new bike!!

 We all opened presents, and Michael loved playing with all of his new toys!
Daddy got some new sneakers!

The boys got some pirate swords, and they jumped right in sword fighting!

I was pretty excited about my new heating pad! The things you ask for as a mom!

New planes blocks!

Opening his stocking!

He was so happy he got his blue knife! You can see it in his left hand. 

He was not excited about his blue chap stick. Mommy thought that since the outside was blue, it would count, but I was quickly corrected and told that, "it's actually white, not blue!" just look at that face!
 After  we opened presents, and ate breakfast, we went outside in our pj's so Michael could ride his new bike!

 He loves it!!
 It's a good thing he had some new mittens in his stocking, because his little hands were cold!
And mommy and daddy froze!
 Then we had a last minute visit from Santa!! It was pretty exciting to have a special visitor. Santa said he forgot some of Michael's gifts, and wanted to make sure he got them. A candy cane, some chocolate coins, and a wiener dog! A couple of days before Christmas, Michael said that he wanted a wiener dog in his stocking! We were not going to get him a real one, so Santa brought him a little ornament
Michael and Santa!

We had such a great Christmas Morning! We relaxed, played with new toys, and napped! We had to get ready for the Cox Christmas Extravaganza that night!

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