Monday, December 2, 2013

Thanksgiving 2013

We celebrated Thanksgiving with my family on Sunday before thanksgiving. We had great food and a great time. Mom planned some fun games for everyone and I brought the bounce house again for the kids. Everyone had a great time. And the adults liked the Thanksgiving Bingo more than the kids did! Too bad I didn't take any pictures :(

On Thursday, we got up at home, for the first time in three years. We are usually in Georgia with Andrew's family, but this year, they decided not to host the big thanksgiving. We were all a little bummed about that.

So, Andrew's mom and dad went down to Florida and spent thanksgiving with Amy and Mike. Of course, Abby and Maggie went with them.

So Andrew, Michael and I spent thanksgiving at home, and then went to eat lunch with Granny. It was a nice lunch and I'm glad we were able to do that.
When we got there, the parade was still on, so Granny and Michael watched the rest of that. 

 Then it was lunch time. 

After lunch, we headed home for naps. Andrew is the only one that actually napped. So Michael and I watched a movie.

Since we ate lunch early, we decided to go to Waffle House for dinner. It was a great ending to our Thanksgiving!

We drove around to look at all those crazy Black Friday shoppers. We couldn't believe the Walmart parking lot! It was completely full, and so was every parking lot around it. And there was a line of cars trying to get in! I was glad that I didn't go shopping. But it's not like I even considered it.

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