Thursday, May 26, 2016

Baby J is 16 Months Old

Baby J, you are 16 months old today!! Your little personality has come out over the past month, and it's so fun to watch you get more comfortable with us and open yourself up! 

Here is what you are doing at 16 months:

- You are still tiny, but you are getting bigger!! You are up to 21 pounds and 29.5 inches tall!

- We had to add some carnation good start to your milk, and you love it!! You went from not drinking even a whole cup a day to drinking at least two cups now! 

- you still eat great, and will eat just about anything. We are really pushing the yogurt, peanut butter, and meats. Anything to help you grow! 

- you are a pro at using a fork to feed yourself! Using a spoon is a little tricky, since you want to flip it upside down before it gets to your mouth! 

- you had your hearing checked this week and everything was perfect! The dr did put you on some allergy medicine to help clear up your congestion. 

- the reason you had your hearing checked, was because you aren't saying very many words yet and the dr wanted to be sure you can hear. You have started saying a few more words this month. You can now say, dada, mama, doggy, go go go (when you are running), hot hot (when you get near the stove or anything else you aren't supposed to touch), no no, night-night, and when we say "what does the cow say" you say "moo!"

- you do awesome climbing up the stairs! You are getting better at scooting on your butt going down; and don't want to walk right off the top step anymore! That is a relief for mommy! 

- You can do the sign for please, eat, more, milk and poop

- you know where your head is and can point to it. Sometimes you will point to your nose too, but not every time. 

- You love playing in the baby pool in the backyard, but were not a fan of the big pool. 

- you are still sleeping great! 12+ hours at night and a two hour nap every afternoon!

- you have some teeth that want to come in, and it has made you pretty grumpy. None have popped trough yet, but hopefully soon!

- you love Michael and get so excited when it is time to go pick him up from school! I know you are going to love having him home all summer long!

- You love to give kisses! Especially to Michael! 

We are so happy you have joined our family and can't wait to see what you will do next!

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