Thursday, May 5, 2016

Our Foster to Adopt Journey Part 3

April 4, 2016  was the first day of Michael's spring break, and I was working, babysitting the boys. It was just like any other day and the last thing I expected was THE CALL!! 

But that is exactly what happened! Mid morning the boys were outside playing and I was getting their lunch ready and my phone rings. I recognize the number as DSS, but it still didn't register that this may be IT! 

I answered and our case worker identified herself and then said something else that I couldn't understand. So I just waited for her to say something else. Then she said, "Katie, are you still there?" I had to admit that I hadn't understood her and could she please repeat herself. She replied with, "Your family has been selected!!" I was definetley in shock! 
But very excited!!

She then put me on speaker phone with her supervisor and they started giving me details about a baby boy, Baby J!  I wrote down everything they said as fast as I could. Then they asked if we could come in to the office on Wednesday of that week to go over everything and get more details. I told them it shouldn't be a problem, but had to make some phone calls to Andrew, the lady I babysit for, since I was supposed to work, and my mom to see if she could watch Michael. I called Andrew first and he was excited, and said lets do it! Then I got the other phone calls taken care of, and called our case worker back to tell her that Wednesday would work and we would see them then! 

For the next two days we prayed a lot for the baby, the situation, and how this would work out for our family. We didn't tell anyone, since everything was still up in the air and undecided. 

On April 6, 2016 at 9:00 we had a meeting at the DSS region 1 adoptions office. We met with the adoption supervisor, the baby's case worker, our case worker, and her supervisor. We went over all of the information for the baby and learned everything about his case. 

There was no question in our mind, we were ready to move forward! 


So we signed the papers stating our intent to adopt him!! He is not legally free to adopt yet, since the termination of parental rights hasn't been signed. So we had to apply to be foster parents. That meant filling out a lot of paperwork.

But we left the office expecting a baby boy would join our family within the next two weeks!! 

Over the next two weeks, we were trying to keep life as normal as possible, and not spill the beans. With foster care, things can change at any moment, so we were a little guarded, but still very excited! 

On April 7, 2016, our Foster license paperwork was filed.

On April 12, 2016 our Foster license was approved! 

Then on April 14, 2016 we found out that we would be meeting baby J on Saturday, April 16!! They asked that we not bring Michael with us to the first meeting, but we would also get to see him again Sunday April 17 and that is when Michael would get to meet his baby brother! Then we get to bring him home on Monday April 18!!

I also texted with Baby J's current foster mom, and she sent me pictures!! Finally getting to see that precious face was incredible!! Oh how I wish I could post them here for everyone to see! 

Now that we knew when we would be meeting him, we go to tell Michael that he was going to be a Big Brother!!


We knew he would be thrilled, since he has been praying for two years for a baby brother, but we also wanted to make it special for him. So on Friday April 15, 2016 we planned a campout for Andrew and Michael. We made a campfire, cooked hot dogs, drank "bug juice", then roasted marshmallows for s'mores. While sitting around the campfire we told Michael that he was going to be a big brother and he was so excited!!

We knew he would be an awesome big brother!



Now that it was more official, and Michael knew, we told our closest friends and family. Everyone was so excited for us. 

Up next, meeting our son!!

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linda said...

This is so exciting and I can't believe that your dad and I were able to keep the secret !! we love Baby J