Friday, May 27, 2016

Kindergarten Graduate!

Michael is officially done with Kindergarten and on his way to first grade!! Where did this year go? It has flown by!

He has grown up so much since August! He was just a baby, now he is a grown up boy missing teeth!!

A couple weeks ago, Michael had his kindergarten graduation program at school. They had a "Down on the Farm" program and it was so cute! 

They sang lots of songs, and then each child was presented with a special award and their "diploma". 

Michael got the "respectful citizen" award! Makes me happy to know that he was so sweet and respectful at school! 

They also asked each child what their favorite part of kindergarten was, and Michael said "Learning to spell!" Who knew?

We just loved his teachers this year! 
Here is Michael with the teachers assistant, Ms. Brown. 

And here he is with his teacher, Mrs. Joyner. 

Then this week they had their last awards day for the last 9 weeks. They also have out award for the year. This is a total brag, but Michael got on stage 4 times during the award ceremony! 

He got: 
- perfect attendance last nine weeks

- perfect attendance for the year!

- the American citizenship award

- kindergarten Certificate 

We are so proud of everything he has accomplished this year!! 

He had to wait till today, the last day, to get his perfect attendance certificates! 

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linda said...

I was so proud of Michael and all of the special awards he got at graduation.
Also proud of you and Andrew for doing such a great job parenting him and Baby J