Friday, May 20, 2016

Two Teeth - Gone!

That's right! Michael lost two teeth this week! The top left one came out Wednesday afternoon while we were playing outside. Poor Michael could hardly eat anything and was talking so funny. I asked him to let me see how wiggly it was, and it was definetly ready to come out. So I gave it a little pull and it came right out! 

Then yesterday, he came home from school, he said he had another loose tooth! The bottom left was ready to come out too, so when daddy car home from work, he pulled it out! 

So I have kid loosing teeth and another kid teething and getting new teeth! 

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linda said...

won't be long and he will loose 2 more, can't believe he lost one front tooth and not the other one, and then lost one on the bottom and and not the same one on the other side. Too bad it isn't October, we could use him for the model of our jack o lantern.