Monday, March 9, 2009

Andrew got a new toy.

Since June 29th, 2007, my dear husband has wanted an iPhone. Well, there was no way we were going to pay the $600 for one back then. Also, we were in a contract with Sprint and only AT&T has the iphone. It would cost us $150 per line to cancel that contract. March just happens to be when Andrew's contract renews, so yesterday, he got his iPhone. All I heard from the moment we walked out of the store, was how great it was, and all the different things it could do. I'm so glad that he likes it.

I have to wait until September to change over to AT&T, so I have a few months to decide if I want an iPhone too.

I think if you asked Andrew, he would tell you that I am the best wife in the world. I figured it was only fair; he gets an iPhone and I get to go to Germany and London for 10 days.


Anonymous said...

I really do have the best wife in the world. And yes I sent this from my iPhone.

jim thompson said...

ha... so good