Friday, March 20, 2009

Hamburg - Day 4 - Day Trip to Lubeck

Today, Jennifer and I took a short trip to Lubeck. It is a beautiful town, surrounded by a Moat. Most of the buildings and churches date back further then 1226, when it was made a free imperial city.Here are some pictures from our day. The weather was beautiful.
This is the entrance to the city
View of the water and City from on top of St. Petri Church

St. Mary's Church
Inside St. Mary's Church
Crossing the bridge to leave the city
This picture has not been touched up - it really did have that reflection on the water. It was absolutely beautiful.
Lubeck is also a major supplier of marzipan. Niederegger, one of the largest suppliers, makes the marzipan just outside the city, and sends it all over the world. We ate lunch at Das Cafe Niederegger, the cafe inside the candy store. They also have a Marzipan Salon, which was like a little marzipan museum. It showed how they make the marzipan, and had some of the older molds on display. Here are some pictures from the Marzipan Salon. All of the figures in the pictures below are made out of marzipan.

Here are some funny signs I saw in Lubeck.

This was on the Lady's restroom
This was on the men's restroom
and this was outside of St. Mary's Church


Andrew said...

maybe we should get this sign for mrs. Townsend.

Jessica said...

I could never take Chris to that Marzipan Palace, he'd eat all the statues.