Thursday, January 22, 2009

Scrapbook Night

Every Thursday, I get together with some girls to Scrapbook. I look forward to it all week long. It all started this summer, when I was talking to my neighbor, Abby. On a whim, she asked if I scrapbooked, and of course, I said yes. I just so happened to be scrapbooking that night, so I asked her if she wanted to come in and look at my different scrapbooks. That was the beginning of our scrapbook bond. A few weeks later, she was having a get together with some ladies from her church to scrapbook, and invited me to join them. We had so much fun that we decided to do it every week. There are probably a total of 10 of us, but not everyone shows up every week. So, every Thursday from 6-8 you can find me cropping, scrapping, cricuting, etc... Here are some pictures of what I accomplished last week. They are from Christmas 2008.


Hawklady said...

looks good Katie

kellyn2girls1boy said...

Fun fun fun! Someday I will join you, maybe this summer when I am done with Girl Scouts.